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August 23 2023: Growing Facial Hair as a Pre-T Trans Man

This article will more or less serve as a guide to anyone not on masculinizing HRT who wishes to grow facial hair. I'll talk about different products and my experience and thoughts on them. I've been out as a trans man since 2019 and I'll finally be starting tesosterone relatively soon. If you have any questions feel free to sign my guestbook, especially questions I could potentially write an article like this about.

Let's talk about minoxidil, a topical hair regrowth drug also known as rogaine. I've been using 5% men's minoxidil since last September, and I have tried out two different forms. Initially, I used a 3 month supply of foaming minoxidil until it ran out, and since then I have been using a 6 month supply of pure liquid minoxidil, and I have noticed a few differences between the two forms. Firstly, there's the price. A 3 month supply of foam minoxidil from CVS cost me roughly $50, while a 6 month supply of Kirkland brand liquid minoxidil was about $25 on Amazon. To be honest, if you have the money, I think I'd recommend buying the drugstore brand foam minoxidil once every 3 months. In my experience, the foam seems to work faster than the liquid, despite them both being 5%. Using the foam consistently for a few weeks very quickly gave me visible results, to the point that my Mom noticed and I had to take a break from it (my Mom is supportive but she didn't like the idea of me using chemicals or whatever without her permission). However, I have acne (better now via medication but it was terrible last year), and one key difference I've noticed is that the foam kind irritated/burned my skin and made my acne worse, while the liquid kind doesn't irritate my skin at all. If you have sensitive skin, acne, or you constantly pick at your skin like I do, I would reccommend using a liquid form of minoxidil. When applying liquid minoxidil to your face, I think it's absolutely necessary to spend a minute or two rubbing it into your skin. With the foam, you basically HAVE to rub it in quickly since it dissolves on warm skin, and I think it's the action of rubbing it in that makes it most effective. Another thing I like to do is mix a couple mL's of liquid minoxidil into my lotion and apply that to my arms, legs and stomach. I started doing this because I noticed that it tends to make my skin dry, so I thought I'd kill two birds with one stone. Minoxidil lotion keeps you moisturized and definitely grows your body hair. I'm Latino, so I already have a good amount of body hair, but using the lotion very quickly gave me thicker arm hair, which I love. In the end, it's up to you when deciding which form you'd like to use and what works best for you, so I hope this was helpful. (Note: Wash your hands afterwards, especially if you have pets! Minoxidil can be harmful to animals if they injest or absorb it.)

Dr. DHT's Hormone Safe Beard Oil is a hair care oil typically aimed at those already on HRT. I'm not on HRT, and you most likely aren't HRT. That being said, I decided to try it out. My nightly routine typically goes like this: I apply my acne medication -> I apply my minoxidil -> I apply the beard oil. According to the website, it is formulated with DHT safe oils which is "necessary for beard [and other androgenic hair] growth. Most other beard and facial products out there contain DHT blockers, which, quite frankly, doesn't make sense for anyone wanting to advance their facial hair." This oil is suitable for people not on testosterone because the oil itself encourages hair growth, like how some people use rosemary oil for hair growth. According to the FAQ, it is also great to use in combination with minoxidil since it hydrates the skin, combatting the drying effect of minoxidil. Honestly, I haven't been using it for long enough to tell if I've had any results, but I do like adding it to my routine. It smells like peppermint and feels nice on the skin. Please check out the website for all information related to it, including reviews and results. Once I start T I will keep using it and update you guys. If anyone else has tried it, please let me know how you feel about it!

A note on dermarolling. A dermaroller is a skincare instrument with very tiny stainless steel needles that you roll on your skin to increase bloodflow and help you absorb serums better (according to the box on mine, lol). Dr. DHT also sells dermarollers and recommends rolling your face before applying the oil, then rubbing the oil in. The dermaroller stimulates bloodflow, "which is what hairs need in order to develop, deepen their root, and thicken." I have only just started dermarolling, literally only bought one last night, but I've decided I will dermaroll twice a week on Tuesdays and Thursdays. If you dermaroll, only use it once or twice a week to keep your skin barrier healthy. If it hurts or seriously irritates your skin, stop using it or use it less often. It is not necessary, it's simply a nice addition to your routine.

Closing notes. I feel like I have more to say, but I think I covered everything. I will say that consistency is absolutely key, since you need to keep using minoxidil to keep your new growth, lest it fall out. Same with rubbing it in and stimulating your blood vessels. Of course, everyone's results vary. I've seen guys who managed to grow full beards pre-T, and then of course there's me who has been using it almost a year but with slower results. Oh! Before I forget! I also like to use eyebrow/eyelash growth serum because it strengthens hair follicles because it includes castor oil. I also like to use eyebrow mascara for my mustache. Alright, that's all for now! Thank you for reading. Hmu with questions and concerns. Xoxo Leo Romance.