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October 6 2023: Another Update

Things have changed for me, and that's okay... I need to stop using those lyrics for my blog posts. Anyway. A couple updates. The big one is that today is my first day on antidepressants. I'm excited to see how that will make me feel better these coming months. I am very aware about my mental state, and all the factors that result in me being like this. I am doing everything "right", I am making an effort to make friends, I am in two clubs, I am volunteering for every GSA activity, etc etc...So, when I am putting in all this effort and I still feel bad, the answer is medication. So yay! Speaking of GSA, today I am staying after school until like, 6pm, so I can run the GSA booth for our club fair homecoming thing, and also take down the GSA homecoming decorations. I am slowly but surely making friends. I'm friends with the two girls I sit with in algebra. I'm friends with my GSA officers. And as of today I am in a band now. It's me, Jacob, Ben, Amara, and Keegan, who I haven't met yet. We're called Death At The Altar apparently. Our first practice is on Sunday so I'm excited about that. I want to sing and play bass again. Generally speaking I think things might be looking up for me a little bit even if I have the college application process weighing on me. I'll finish everything in time I think. It'll be fine.