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October 3 2023: WE'RE SO BACK?

Hi oh my god. Quick update post here just to focus on something so my hands stop shaking. Um so. Um. Remember September 9 2022 at 2:54pm when Ava Nirui, the creative director of Heaven by Marc Jacobs, posted a behind the scenes picture of her next to Gerard Way who was modeling Heaven's fall collection which included a plaid skirt. And then mysteriously within hours she removed that image from her Instagram entirely. And in the year since the Gerard x Heaven photoshoot has been lost to time because they never released it. Well uh. So for the past year I just kind of jokingly comment shit like "Where's Gerard" on their posts when I get the chance and they never respond anyway so who cares. Um they responded this time and I'm kind of losing my mind. I said "Can you guys post the fall 23 Gerard Way photoshoot pleaaase" and they responded with a smiley face emoji. What do you MEAN "🙂"??? I don't know I'm just terrified. Either they're being passive aggressive OR they're actually going to release it someday soon. I don't know. I'm scared. Oh my god. Because why would they say that. I will say that I never gave up hope. I feel very vindicated right now. It's day 191 without MCR and I think we might just be so back. Wow. Beautiful world.