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October 1st 2023: Baby You're a Haunted House

It's the first day of October! This means a lot of things, but it mostly means that I have early decision college applications due one month from today. Jesus Christ. I'm applying to a billion art schools- SVA, SAIC, FIT, Pratt, Rutgers, the Cooper Union...And UC Boulder and University of Denver, I guess. The thing about applying to be a film major as someone who's never made an actual film in his life is that applications are way more complicated. Instead of being able to submit a 5 minute film or film reel, I get the option of writing a film essay. That's fine with me, but the essays are really starting to add up. I have 8 essays to write, a storyboard for Pratt to make, 2 artists statements, and like 2 portfolios I have to pull out of thin air. Hopefully I have 10-15 pieces of writing just lying around, and hopefully Summertime (2023) counts for SOMETHING. This weekend, instead of finishing one of those essays, I wrote a nearly 2k word article about LS Dunes and AI, which you can access via the articles tab on this site. Thankfully, the article was well recieved! For some reason I was so nervous and terrified that I'd get torn apart by the remaining LS Dunes fans, but Tumblr and Instagram have been very receptive to it. My Mom linked it on her Facebook, she was so proud. I appreciate all of my friends and everyone who's read the article, especially the people who've promoted it and shared it! This site has almost 20k total views, isn't that crazy? My next project is a series of interviews and articles in collaboration with my artist and musician friends. Though I probably shouldn't try to juggle college applications and more written articles in the same month. Demi The Daredevil is going on tour soon with Skydxddy, and I don't listen to her but I've been mutuals/accquaintances with Demi for a little over a year now, and they're doing a show in Denver...I'm currently in the process of trying to secure guest passes so I can try to interview the two of them for this site. To be honest, in August I tried getting an interview with Jon Walker of The Young Veins, but he never responded to my email, sad! Oh well. There will be other interviews. I really want this site to be respectable as a good place to get interesting information about music and art and technology and how it all intersects...That'll be my goal going into the new year. This site is going to become a digital magazine of sorts. Anyway...there's a lot going on this week. I have alternative club tomorrow, and it'll be my first meeting, so that's kind of exciting. Mitski releases her tour dates this week too. iDKHOW's new single What Love? comes out on Thursday, which is the same day as my doctor appointment so that is also very exciting. I imagine the accompanying music video will be released then too. Just lots going on lately! Thank you for being a dedicated reader of this website! Thanks for enjoying my articles!