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September 25 2023: This Night, Is It The One?

Hi guys, sorry for not blogging for a little while. You know how it is with life and school and senior year. I've been really enjoying my computer programming class, it's my best class in terms of grades. I like learning Python and asking my teacher about HTML stuff on the side when my website isn't working. I like my college algebra class as well because I am relearning math I haven't done in years and it's actually kind of fun when you get it right. On Tuesday I present my slideshow about LGBTQ history to the GSA, of which I am an officer. I've been really excited about that because I feel very strongly about teaching LGBTQ history to the younger generation. GSA is more or less the one time a week I get to interact with other people since I am chronically quiet and friendless. I am friends with the girls at my table in alegbra though, they're really nice. I only see them on B days though. Other than that I have been getting into Animal Jam again, which is really fun. I have also started decorating my bathroom for Halloween which cheers me up a lot. Pumpkinmaxxing is the next big thing. Hm... In terms of band news, iDKHOW officially announced that they're on a new record label, and that the album is coming, and that Ryan Seaman is officially no longer in the band. This is because he allegedly stole $26k from Dallon Weekes. Oh well, there's other drummers out there. iDKHOW has posted two teaser videos on Instagram so far, and I was sure that their latest one reading "This night, is it the one?" was implying an announcement or song or something would come out tonight...but I don't think that's the case. It's 13 minutes past midnight, so I guess tonight is not the one. If you miss my posts, I am way more active on tumblr and I overshare a lot on there too, so maybe give me a follow if you want. Anyway, good night, catch you all later.