TeXaS is Forever!

August 29 2023: Home Sweet Home

I'm going back to San Antonio in November for Pierce the Veil! Yay!!! I don't have PTV tickets yet, but my wonderful aunt booked my flight and I am so so so excited and happy...I'm stalking PTV resale ticket prices, and unfortunately they went up to $148 after dropping all the way to $122...but SeatGeek isn't going to trick me like that, I know the prices will go lower once we hit September and even October. If they ever get to $100 or below, I'll jump to buy one. That being said, if anyone's selling a PTV SATX ticket for like, 50 bucks, hit me up. It's in November, so I have a long time to plan, but theorhetically me and Isabel are gonna go together and then we can have a sleepover at my aunt's house :) I feel a lot better about things now. I know I've already seen PTV and LS Dunes on their own, but it's not the same as them touring together in my hometown, you know? Also, while I loved my first PTV concert back in May, I feel a little cheated still since it was a co-headlining tour with the Used, so they only did 10 songs. Plus, I don't like the Used that much and don't know many of their songs. I've been waiting for a headlining tour for a long time now, and over the summer I was convinced they'd announce one next, which they did! They haven't had a headlining tour since 2017 Misadventures, so I feel this was well overdue. And, no offense, but I think LS Dunes definitely needs to be an opening band, since they jumped right into headlining with no warmup. Let's be honest, they are a supergroup, and they're really famous, so they got to tour the same album like 3 times and sell out every show. TBH, I have this irrational but kind of realistic fear that some people only bought Jaws of Life tour tickets to see LS Dunes and I am worried we will hear reports of people leaving after Dunes' set. I know some people only bought tickets to the Creative Contol Tour for the Used (and that's fine, it was co-headlining I get it) and saw people complaining that they were touring with PTV and not on their own...I feel like in recent years PTV hasn't gotten the respect or return to pre-hiatus fame that they deserve, you know? They were huge during the Warped Tour days, but then all the allegations against Mike came out, he left the band, and then years passed between Misadventures and the Jaws of Life, so they've kind of fallen behind, y'know? Whatever, I'm rambling, I don't even know what I'm saying. Frank Iero is a little too famous to be touring with PTV though, I think. Because it's sort of a problem of people only showing up to Dunes shows to see him, so I fear perhaps that he will attract that crowd to PTV...Again it doesn't matter, I'm just thinking out loud here. Interesting that there's 3 openers for the JOL tour, I imagine the concert will run really late. My set-list hopes and dreams include Vic's cover of Karma Police and of course, Texas is Forever. When the set-list comes out at the start of tour I'm gonna listen to it nonstop, but to be safe I'm gonna listen exclusively to Pierce the Veil for the next 3 months LOL. I'm still kind of mind-blown that they didn't play Texas is Forever when I saw them, since it was the first night of tour and we were in Austin, Texas...! Generally speaking I hope the set list is a good 20-25 songs with more Misadventures and A Flair For The Dramatic songs. The only songs I didn't film at the show in May were Circles and Emergency Contact because I was too busy being in the moment or whatever. I still think about that moment when I listen to Circles. I still think about when Vic said "How many of you are here with your best fucking friend?" before Emergency Contact. Pierce the Veil means a lot to me, and especially to me and Isabel as a collective whole. She's the one that got me into them in th first place, sophomore year. I would love for this to be our tradition.

Other thoughts. After school today I'm going to my school's first GSA meeting of the year. I haven't been in a GSA since middle school, and that was because I was the founder and president of it. Thinking back, it was really crazy how hard my officers and I had to fight with administration just to allow it. They thought parents would accuse the school of turning their kids gay. After I went to high school, the GSA dissolved, and COVID didn't help. I don't know if my old middle school has a new one, but I can't imagine it does. The only evidence that it ever existed I guess is the year book from 8th grade and the pictures I took of it. A blip in the timeline. I don't even know if they'd allow GSAs at all in Texas anymore. Maybe it's illegal, I don't know. Anyway, I hope the GSA here is nice. I'm scared it'll be the worst people I've ever met just doing discourse all day, y'know, freshmen tiktok users that do slur and identity discourse. I don't know what the kids nowadays, in Colorado in real life, have opinions on. I saw instagram comments correcting someone on using the word transsexual instead of transgender, saying it's a slur, which isn't true...Oh well. I'll keep you updated I guess. See ya.