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August 25 2023: Ryan Ross Is Back

Today I got to check off "Ryan Ross returns" on my 2023 bingo card. Okay, don't freak out too much. It's not so much an official return so much as it is that The Young Veins (Ryan Ross and Jon Walker's post-Panic! split band) announced on their Instagram story today that they're remastered Take A Vacation! and that it's "coming soon", presumably a release including vinyl. I called it, but not really since back in May they posted a clip of a vinyl record spinning and tagged with with "#remastered." Still, I knew in my heart that we'd be getting a TYV comeback. I think, in a post-Brendon Urie society, the musical culture will be more receptive to a return of The Young Veins. They weren't recieved well after the Panic! split and sort of fizzled out as the record cycle came to an end and Brendon's version of Panic! continued on...That being said, these past few years have been a renaissance of anti-Brendon Urie sentiment as he continued to beat the dead horse of Panic! At The Disco, and the general online attitude is that the people long for a return of Ryan Ross. I hope the Take A Vacation! remaster includes a few new songs or old demos, and maybe even a tour. I imagine their comeback would be very successful, maybe moreso than they or their label are expecting. Interesting, right?