TeXaS is Forever!

December 13 2023: Season's Greetings

Long time no blog post, my friends! I've been really busy and haven't had time to update here, apologies. Lot of big things happening soon...Namely, my birthday is NEXT WEEK! I turn 18! How strange! I don't think about it a lot but sometimes I think about how when I was 13 I thought I wasn't going to make it to 18, somehow. I was suicidal, but I wouldn't have killed myself, I was just convinced something terrible would happen to me and I'd die tragically young. Made it though. Take that. What else have you all missed? Oh, my last band broke up but it's okay because I started a new one and we're called truth or consequences and we make music! I have a really sweet boyfriend now too, which is nice because while I was depressed I was convinced I wouldn't date again until college. Speaking of college, I have applied to SO MANY and been accepted to two in-state schools so far! I really hope I get a good offer from Rutgers and SVA. I still need to apply to NJIT for computer science as a backup. The semester is almost over which is nice, but I'm mildly concerned about finals since I have to take them for each class, whereas at my old school you could exempt 2 finals if you had good grades. I'm going back to San Antonio for the break which I'm excited for because I'll see all of my friends and eat good food. I want to have a birthday dinner wih my friends like I do every year, so I'll try to do that. Things are really looking up for me. The Prozac is working exceptionally well by the way, I can appreciate the beauty of life and nature again. A couple months ago I looked at a sunset and felt nothing, and now I can watch the snow sparkle with my boyfriend and be entranced by the beauty of this little world. I'm excited about what waits for me in 2024. I want to create so much art and music and go to college and see the world and create films and write and write and write!!! My 18th year is going to be a well-deserved good one. My 17th year wasn't so bad either. Love love. Thank you for reading my little blog. I put out a new interview on the articles section here. Check it out. See ya around!