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October 24 2023: I Applied to College!

Today I got my first college application out of the way! I'm applying to Rutgers in New Jersey for their film BFA program. I feel good about it :) especially since I don't have to worry about making that November 1 deadline anymore! I still have to submit my portfolio and do some other stuff, but the application itself has been submitted. Exciting stuff. I think I need to work on my SAIC application next since it's pretty urgent, November 15, but it'll be okay, I have time, and I'm not deadset on that one. The band thing is going well, too. I've been working with our vocalist Amara on some original songs and we're planning a loose concept album about love and death and zombies. I've been drawing album covers too. Very fun stuff. I'm the co-vocalist but I think I'm switching over to rhythm guitar...Jacob, our bassist, said he'd give me his extra guitar since I can't invest money in my own guitar right now and I can't steal my siblings. I need to take him up on that. I'm better at bass but he thinks I'll be good at rhythm and I kind of think I can do anything if I just try really hard... Man, applying to Rutgers, playing rhythm guitar... I'm just like Frank Iero. But better. I actually don't like him at all anymore since the AI and antisemitism drama. He just gives me the ick. I do not find him attractive anymore either, since 99% of it for me is personality. Anyway. Album stuff. I've got some songs about car crashes and hospitals I'm working on. My parents go to Vegas tomorrow and usually in high school movies that's when I throw a party and invite the whole school, but I don't have many friends. But hey, I have friends now! I'm pretty close with Amara and Jacob and Ben, and I'm getting to know Keagan our amazing lead guitarist. The FNAF movie comes out this week, I'm excited for that. Anyway, it's basically midnight, so good night! Things are looking up. The Prozac helps a lot btw.